André Masson

1. Furious Suns (c. 1925)

2. Birth of Birds (c. 1925)

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Dust Nadav Kander

For Dust Nadav Kander photographed the desolated landscapes of the Aral Sea and captured fascinating images of the restricted military zones of Priozersk and Kurtchatov, which did not appear on any map until well after the end of the Cold War. Long-distance missiles were tested in Priozersk under great secrecy. Hundreds of atomic bombs were detonated in the so-called Poly­gon near Kurchatov until the program ended in 1989. The bombs were exploded in a remote but still popu­lated area, and covert studies were made of the ef­fects of the radiation on the unsuspecting inhabi­tants. Kander writes how the ticking of the Geiger counter on his belt while he photographed reminded him that he should not become too enthralled with the aesthetic and painterly allure of the crumbling ruins.” Text via.

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I started my third moleskine sketchbook a year ago, and well, these are all the sketches I made in one year…

I think I definitely need more free time ! `___`

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Claude Monet, La maison à travers les roses, 1925

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The art of Haejung Lee

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between winter and spring #4
23x30.5cm canvas on watercolor

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Dallol volcanic crater located in the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia.

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Auguste Rodin

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Elephants walking through the tall grass.

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Dan Colen, Miracle Paintings, now at Gagosian 24th Street.

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Saltscapes San Francisco Bay Cris Benton

Benton’s images allow us to slip our earthly bonds and see the world from new heights, his aerial views offering a fresh perspective on familiar landscapes. Surprising and sublime, Saltscapes can be enjoyed equally as a collection of art photography and a portrait of ecological transformation and resilience.”

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Latifa Echakhch, La dépossession, 2014

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Paloma Al Aire by Ricardo Cases.  Brilliant.

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